The Dog and The Donkey


There lived a dog and a donkey in a house of a rich man. The dog guarded his house and the donkey carried loads for him.

It was a hot afternoon. The dog was sleeping under the shady veranda. There was some noise outside. The dog just lifted up his head and went back to sleep.

The donkey asked, “Why don’t you bark. It could be thieves”. The dog replied, “Mind your own business”. But the donkey would not listen. He wanted to save his master from thieves. He started to bray.

The master who was sound asleep got wild with the donkey and came running out with a stick and gave hard beatings to the donkey.

MORAL: It is always better to mind our own business.

Category: English, Moral Stories

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  • “”. It is a moral .responsibility of a human being to give a helping hand, or at least protest against wrong doers “ . it will be a selfish idea to have “ his problem is his problem, why should I poke my nose.” Mohabbat: Assalamu Alaikum. With due respect to you I will draw your attention as a member of a society.
    Today all mastans are doing anything they feel like in the streets and attacking homes , because we are watching only as bystanders. If it continues, a day will come when It will be my turn to than inhumanity when others will watch and I will cry .

    The philosophy of “ why should I get involved as long as it doesn’t effect me “ is sometime wrong. I totally disagree.