Rose without Fragrance

At the very outset of human being growing consciousness about his own existence on this planet and trying to find out the relation between him and existence, he perhaps found flower as first earthly object appealed to his search, which had no utility to sustain human physical life.
Flower which has its own beauty and fragrance is a symbol of innocence and self-immolate by giving pleasure to others. Flower is in all respects fragile, ephemeral and short lived in comparison to its own parent tree. Flowers never resist any natural opposition. It only live to give pleasures to others.
Omar is in the business of floriculture. He chose this over his family business of iron and steel, basically out of love for roses. He started full time floriculture by gradually downsizing his parental business. Alas, human being with an aim of making this heavenly gift as commercial product interfered into its heavenly character.
Although Omar, the floriculturist makes good profit by cultivating red, white and yellow roses in his vast expanse of land but gradually he lost his congenital sense of love for roses and started running his business considering roses as mere commercial product. Though he started floriculture out of his love for rose but failed to hold on to it. He gave preference to his business sense over his love of roses as the driving force to move forward.
The human senses can be termed as integrated factory for producing desire. Mind is the owner of the factory. The work of senses is to make people extrovert, enthusing to live comparing with others, to act like or opposite to others and above all it gives birth to an insane competition of surpassing others by any means. All these take place in different niches located in the depth of mind. Everything in the outer world that has a form, can be seen, touched, smelled, tasted and measured to categorize as good or bad, small or big, beautiful or ugly. This calculation are fond fodder of human mind.
The rose that Omar cultivate have dazzling, mind-blowing colors but no fragrance. It soothes the eyes from a distance but lacks any kind of pull. The flowers only suits for display in the crystal vase put in a picturesque building.
Omar inherited ship business, still have that but not as big as before. He felt that the business earned a lot of money but lacked life. It’s already more than half a decade, Omar being inspired by his wife Bhumi, started floriculture on about ten acres of land. The place is about ten miles from the main city, so they don’t face much hassle to reach the product to the city. Rose has a big demand in five star hotels in the city and also in the parties held regularly for different social and state level events.
He started this enterprise basically as hobby, built a beautiful house in the middle of the rose garden and named it ‘Rose Villa’. On the weekends, Omar usually stays overnight in the ‘Rose Villa’ along with his wife, Bhumi and two children, aged ten and twelve.
His wife terms that as living in the lap of nature. About fifty men and women work in the garden. Omar made arrangements for them to stay inside the garden.
-Omar, see we are really living in the realm of flowers, all around are nothing but rose and rose, the roses are also big in size and colorful, but why does it not have fragrance? If I keep my eyes open, I feel like I am living in a huge floral forest, but if I close your eyes, it seems that all are fantasies and illusions.You’re right. I think so too.

You know I used to get lost in the fragrance of roses in my youth. I can’t forget how many roses you presented me. That soothing smell still lingers in my memory. I used to put the roses you gave in a vase and everyone in the house would know about our relationship with that fragrance. Rose spreads its fragrance all around unstinted.
-Flowers are heavenly object but modern people have ruined its original features to make it a product to suit their own needs.
Omar was listening to his wife with rapt attention.
-Think about our children, they and millions of others of their age are learning to accept roses as an object of satisfaction just by their look. It is as if the light is shining but its ray is not spreading all around. The light seems to be shining only for itself. How the light be eternal if it is not illuminating around? Surely you remember the lines of poetry written by Oscar Hammerstein-II.

“A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it
A song’s not a song ’til you sing it.
Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay
Love isn’t love ’til you give it away!

They were talking sitting on the raised verandah of two storied ‘Rose Villa’.
-The big red, white and yellow roses seem to be hollow at heart. They only look beautiful within the range of the eye shot, they are not felt out of sight. They don’t pull anyone from a distance. Those roses are to be arranged in transparent crystal vases and people have to be invited to see.
Nowadays, Bhumi does not become as happy as she used to be in the rose garden. They always rush out of concrete jungle of city to be with the nature but return hungry. Their children enjoy seeing the flowers from a distance, they have not learned to enjoy by touching or smelling.
They have become accustomed to thinking of garden flowers as mere decorative objects.
Omar thought to himself.
It’s mid monsoon, the sky is covered with black clouds, but there is not a drop of rain. It was sweltering all around. People, animals and birds are all suffering. Plants are shriveling but due to irrigation system the floriculture is not affected. The villa has arrangement of AC and the children are enjoying the beauty of roses through the glass windows from upstairs.
-It is supposed to rain at this time, but that’s not happening. It can be termed as caprice of nature. Omar mumbled expressing a bit annoyance.
-Nature seems turned crazy by reversing its schedule arbitrarily due to man-made violence of mechanization. Human being having subjugated by mind, kitchen of senses, are using the natural gifts only as per expediency as a product of sense pleasure. As a result, the human senses are being trained to be business friendly. They are getting captive to artificiality by distancing themselves from nature.
Bhumi looked straight into my eyes at my comment. I was a little surprised at her gaze.Natural wetlands are filled up in the name of development, roads and buildings are being constructed arbitrarily. The hills are being levelled, artificial fertilizers are being applied with rampant use of underground water for irrigation to produce multiple crops in one crop land in the name of providing food to many people and poison is being applied to destroy the natural insects. Animals are being chained and deprived of natural food. Science is being used only for the happiness of the five senses. Isn’t this mad arbitrariness?
-The leaves of the trees are covered with dust, sand and smoke, they cannot breathe. They are dying silently.
Bhumi had a choke in her throat as she talked.

I have seen this visage of Bhumi never before. Is Bhumi blaming me? Omar thought to himself.
Omar kept looking at Bhumi but Bhumi’s attention is elsewhere completely oblivious.
Suddenly lightning streaked across the sky, thunder rumbled. The gusts of wind seems to have gone wild and started turning everything upside down. We got back to normal and sat close to each other.
Heavy rain started. The sound of rain hushed all other. It feels that nature has calmed down by venting out its pent up resentment. The cool wind began to blow and the sweat on our forehead began to dry up. The rose petals and flowers that had survived in artificial irrigation for a long time looked vibrant. With a gurgling sound, the rain water started pouring into the canal. The croaking sound of some frogs also started coming.
Everything seemed to have changed in an instant.
The head gardener along with some workers carried dead body of a young gardener on their shoulder and placed it on the verandah of the ‘Rose Villa’. There was a shrieking sound of cry from the gardeners. The boy was struck by thunder bolt and died on the spot.
Everyone in the garden gathered gradually. The air got heavy with wailing.
The rain from the sky washed their tears away as well as the dead body.
Arrangements were made to send the body to the morgue in a small garden truck.
The rain stopped and nature calmed down. In cool afternoon, the sun broke the clouds and kissed the roses.
Our children watched everything from behind the glass windows from upstairs of Rose Villa for so long. I called them out to return. They came out smiling.
-You know, a man died as thunder bolt struck at the back of our villa, we recorded everything on the mobile phone through the rear glass window. What a scene dad, very disturbing.
Bhumi looked straight into my eyes as children talked. She felt that the children lacked emotional touch befitting to the tragic incident.
This kind of scene is a disturbing event to them. It moves them and they also regret it and also feel the urge to share it with others. These sorts of events touch them but fails to cross boundary of the mind to touch the heart.

Like the dazzling flowers of the rose garden, our innocent children are also becoming like rose without fragrance day by day.
A stifled breath of helplessness heaved out of my chest at Bhumi’s utterance. Bhumi kept looking at my eyes.

Kind Lord, all His creation He adored
Who knows no dearth, empty His till and fill the Earth
With knowledge all and treasure abysmal.

Mankind enshrouded in mind’s maze ring, behaves like autocratic king
To further own goal as a whole, resort to all deceit and sting.
Put lame excuse, for science and development use, destroy nature.
Isn’t it crossing limit, as men commit crime against nature every minute!

Lord’s land, swamp and sand, jungle, open and mountain
Men cut and clean, fills canal and level hills and then, build highway and runway.
Men are on building binge in wild guess, making factories and buildings regardless
Nothing matter, men justifies better, everything done for development and progress.

Trees are reward of good Lord, it only give to human being and all living
Stands in pain without complain, facing human aggression insane and silently dying,
With leaves, smoke and dust piled, can’t breathe and writhe like an innocent child.

Fish in polluted water, helplessly huff and puff
They can’t breathe, silently aggrieve.
Dying slowly in own den, with unbearable pain
Like slaves are dying in gas chamber.

If man kills man, justice will take course as per plan
Once man destroy nature, that is also sheer murder, I wager?
But why at the end, justice not dispensed well and proper?

Nature being destroyed by men every now and then, are crimes for sure
Not to mention any but there are many with evidence galore.
Men get quittance in court ever, as they gloss over and fudge,
Nature stand silent in fact and fellow man act as judge!

If mob’s anger bubbles up and erupt for not getting justice
That can be appeased or ceased by law and police.

But if nature gives vent to its anger, with deafening clangor
Whose power is irresistible and unlike crowd, not gullible.
Angry nature, hold orb of almighty Lord
They don’t fear or care and be bowed, unlike weak crowd.

Disturbed nature once in full fury, geared up in full destruction spree
Innocent child, bird or beast it cares least.
Destroy all in its wake, without pause or brake,
Only destroy and kill, bringing life to stand still.

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