Lightning rod

You may call him Lightning Rod.
Such a bizarre name uttered by defendant’s lawyer of his client stoked up a humming sound among all present in the courtroom. Everyone was surprised by the name of the accused.

Lightning rod!
The aged judge sitting on his high chair behind a wide table with law scale, the symbol of justice on his left and the heavy wooden hammer, the symbol of power, placed on the right, also voiced his surprise.
-Yes, My Lord, it’s not a conventional name like others, I realize. Not only the name but also the man standing in the dock is like none other. So the name only suits him. Because his life is in complete harmony with that name.
A man about six feet on his heel, big messy hair and untrimmed beard in worn out jeans stood in the dock leaning forward against hand rail of the dock. There is a possibility of making a big mistake if one tries to guess the age. Having lost his memory he has been suffering from insomnia and malnutrition for last couple of months apparently increased his physiological age by minimum ten years.
He is a heinous criminal in the eyes of law. No ordinary crime, guilty of murder. That to not one but a couple of murder. He really has no one in this world to call his own. People say that his mother passed away at birth and no one ever told him who his father was. So far, he has also not been able to make anyone his own in the course of his life.
He was raised by a Godfather, who was kind to keep him alive and raised him, but only for his own interest. Godfather raised the boy from his childhood befitting with his own master plan.
How and from where the boy was picked up by his Godfather is totally unknown.
He committed the first murder at the age of fifteen. He drove over and killed the son of a big businessman, who happens to be his Godfather’s rival. The Godfather always kept him with his own son, telling him that in future he would be his bodyguard. Godfather’s son is five years older than him. The accused has a good physical structure from his young age, qualified to be a body guard.
The Godfather also gave him a little bit of driving training, body guard cum driver would be a better option Godfather thought. Normally Godfather’s son drive the Jeep and only occasionally the accused used to be on the wheel. Indeed he was not driving that day, Godfather’s son was on the wheel completely drunk.
-His son is so young, who has not yet started his life indeed, would live with man slaughtering case! How could that be? Godfather shivered of the thought. He very wisely wrote the name of the bodyguard as accused. Then, to show his generosity and save the fostered boy from being arrested by the police, he sent him elsewhere in a hide-out.
-My client’s name was registered in police book. So, his Godfather replaced all his previous identities with a new name and new address to save him from arrest. Day by day he began to live as another human being.
The journey of life, living with fake name and identity began.
His Godfather said – You are young, your appearance will change every year, people of the old place will no longer recognize you. Don’t worry I’m there for you.
Then on, gradually he became expert of living with new identity and in new place after each crime.
-Listen, killing people is the biggest crime and punishment is also the biggest, that is, death by hanging. One cannot be hanged more than once, so, in reality there is no difference between killing one and killing ten and many. You have nothing to fear, from now on, people will be rather afraid of you. You will walk with your chest swelled, and others will talk to you with their heads bowed in fear. If anyone ever crosses your path, I will remove him from the world. Wherever you are, you will be terror of that place.I’ll manage the rest. You just do what I tell you to do. You will go underground and I will manage everything from above. Having executed my order in this outside world, you will go underground again. I assure, you would be amazed to see that everything is there, which is not available in the world above.
Godfather smiled a little to encourage him.
There will be no shortage of money if you do as I say. You just have to look for ways to spend and I will tell how to live lavishly.
-It’s not necessary that you have to execute all my orders by yourself always. Since you have already developed an image, I will use that. It’s my job to keep you safe. In a lot of cases I would get job done by others using your name.In the meantime, a number of your identities have been recorded in the police register. I would put any name and address out of those as situation demands. You don’t have to worry about that. You engage yourself more in enjoyment, life is too short you know.
Everyone present in the courtroom sat speechless while listening the narration of the lawyer. The human right lawyer paused and sat down for a while to take a sip of drink. He stood up having wiped his thick lens spectacles.

-Your honor, in this way, the accused in the dock got a number of name and address who came to this world without any identity. Identities are of high societies, which is indeed a veritable dream for a destitute like him.
It is also true that living in that given character gave him a lot of satisfaction. He also felt proud of himself as he was feared and cared by all around. He became expert in living with fake identity.
There were pin drop silence in the courtroom as the humanitarian lawyer talked.
The lawyer paused for a moment and took a deep breath.
-My Lord, as the tainted convicts like him live in the underworld, the masked convicts in gentleman dress can live in the open world in front of everyone’s eyes.
-Lighting Rods are constructed spending a lot of money to protect the skyscrapers from lightning strikes. It costs a lot in deed. As the Lightening Rod sucks the high voltage electric current of the thunderbolt and saves the building, so does the defendant, who with his many names and identities has protected his Godfather taking blame of all his crimes and misdeeds. That is why I am presenting him to you under that name.

There was another muffled humming in the courtroom. The judge beat his gavel and brought back order in the court.
-Okay, I want to hear from the accused.
The lawyer looked at the judge completely helpless. He took off his glasses, brought out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his eyes and the glasses.My Lord, he has lost the power of speech. The judge looked into his eyes curiously at lawyer’s word.

And I really don’t know he would be able to speak anything even if he had that power.He has lost all his memories along with the speech. In fact, he lost his true identity at birth, then having lived in many fake identities given to him and the memories of all deeds done under the direction of Godfather are also lost forever now. Now it’s just a life throbbing in flesh and blood.
The middle-aged human right lawyer took off his thick lens glass and wiped them several times with the corner of his black coat while he spoke.

The lawyer submitted his medical report to the court.
-The selfish quarters have tactfully silenced the accused permanently and caused amnesia so that they can never be brought to justice on the basis of witness evidence.
The accused, Lightening Rod stood silently in the dock.
-My Lord, I have collected the information by visiting different places in the last couple of months. I know the information is 100% true, but unfortunately I can’t present a single witness in front of you. They not only silenced the voice of the accused forever they also choked the voices of the witnesses.
Stark silence reigned the whole courtroom. His Excellency also sat silent.No one has anything to do, My Lord!
The lawyer for the human rights organization stood helpless with both hands clasped.

Pin drop silence in the aisle. Judges, lawyers, spectators all sat silently like mute defendants who remained silent all through.
-We all know that there is no way out, voice of justice only cries silently in the absence of suitable witnesses. But if we give up hope, life will come to a standstill, humanity will lose, My Lord.
Everyone seemed to get back to senses with the utterance of the lawyer.
-I want to put a proposal to the law enforcement agency through you, My Lord if you permit.
Judge acquiesced.

-I propose to change the motto of law enforcement i.e. ‘suppression of evil and protection of virtuous’. I think it is necessary to make it ‘Protect the virtuous and suppress the evil’ i.e. emphasis should be put on protection of virtuous than suppression of evil.
-All are born good, My Lord. Some strays away for some reason or the other in course of living. Despite that vast majority of men are good. It’s a strong point for human society. Success is inevitable if strong points are fully explored and exploited. By protecting and nurturing the majority i.e. virtuous, by empowering them, by giving their voice back, the minority of evil people will gradually become more and more marginalized. The Lightning Rods will regain their right to speak, common witnesses will get back their voice. It will be easy to suppress evil, My Lord.
-In the current system, in the name of suppressing the evil, the suspects or the accused who have committed crimes for the first time or under some compulsive circumstances are losing their way back from the criminal world. The gang of evils are getting heavy and the Godfathers are taking that opportunity.
-People will speak out and protest against injustice if the protection is ensured and enforcement of law is right. Criminals will lose courage, people having a chance entrance in crime world will return to the world of light. The source of vitality of the Godfathers world will be gradually diminished.

Lightning Rods will come out of the underground into the world of light and protest all injustices with thunderous voice, My Lord, the stifled cry of justice will be stopped.

He is Lightning Rod, a consummate fraud, saved his Boss consuming all odd
A tainted accused in the eyes of law, his birth is a flaw.
Regardless of what people say, he is a born criminal anyway.

He is a heinous killer, a criminal clear, known for his notoriety
For him only apathy, no sympathy and no place in the free society.

For society, leaders are mighty bulwark
It’s society’s duty to show fealty and protect him during day and dark.
Those who take up gauntlet to protect the leader are heroes
They don’t care about their own weal and woes.

They are heroes real, always faithful to their deal
They cross limit every minute to defend their idol even if it is suicidal!
That’s not crime but act in chime with their job, to be understood by mob
Anything is fair and just, protection of leader is a must at any cost.

Heroes are of especial breed, leaders find them whenever they need
They are in total control and play their role with heart and soul
Leaders goes for all-out fight to save heroes of all chores, fair or foul despite.

The leader is committed to his duty, he is last hope for the society
Lightning Rod is his invention, to the society his unique contribution.

The leader is like a deity, veritable voice of society
Created a safe den for them, a unique system.
Named it underground, whatever it may but great to say and real sweet sound.
Once there for any causal, material world goes at his disposal.

All are there, cheap or dear, cash or kind to satisfy body and mind
Nothing sensual is off limit, it’s love, gold or grain, you name it.

Godfather arranges everything for inmate, he is kindness incarnate
Whatever you desire, all are there, just have to pull those near.

The world below is spuriously mellow
What you get, your mind will be satiated and sensual needs will be met.
Everything is physical and hollow, no heart no heavenly glow.
Don’t worry, it’s also a way of living to the contrary
Live usual, remain sensual, it’s an art, just don’t take by heart.

Just take whatever comes to head, the soul, the morality are all dead
Might is right there, virtue is a word mere.
All together another planet, take now or never, lest it be late
Reap without sowing, no wrong, nothing.

Lightning Rod, wretch sod, stubborn as rock
Standing dumb and drooped in dock.
He protected Godfather and faced whatever.
He stood steady and was ready to pay proper price
Even if that was his supreme sacrifice.

Leader’s life is not that rife, name fame all are as tall as sky scraper
Society needs him as mover and shaker, that’s why he is leader.
For all his deeds, leader needs protection squad, i.e. Lightning Rod
Rest of universe stand and watch dumb, no thumb, no nod.

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