Here stood a criminal in dock, who held his Boss aloft at all cost round the clock
A veritable Lightning Rod, who consumed all odd at his Godfather’s nod.

Standing stooped, devil incarnate, whom all hate.
Looking blank and bored, abject creation of Lord,
face betrays lack of sleep for days.
Vacuous dullard, with unkempt long hair and beard.
Full memory lost, master of evil worst, never heard.

For whom so far, luck did not favor still to witness a devil
might have heard some way from hearsay and got scared.
It’s a chance live view, for unlucky few, a dream come true.

Look at him head to toe, he is criminal out-and-out, no doubt though
Venomous vile like sneaking snake, harm only for whatever it take.
Rendered helpless, society at large, this mean stooge and scourge.
Dastard leech, standing in the dock of justice.

People from different strata, comment haywire without any data
Surely, argument they give, just to promote their own motive.

All heard, mob whispered -rich and powerful made deed and connived fully,
rendered regardless, convict and witness, deaf dumb and amnesiac tactfully.

Witnesses are all tongue-tied, only lied and facts they hide.
They are as blind as bat only see what pass through the glass.
All know the fact, but in a pact and won’t contradict Godfather’s edict.

Law is not only blind but also kind to proof provider.
For balance of justice, witness and proof would suffice, collected whatever.
Law follows own course of course and don’t heed to any party’s bid
System wants proper proof and witnesses, for judgment of great finesse.

He is Lightning Rod, a consummate fraud,
a tainted accused in the eyes of law, indeed his birth and breed is a flaw.
Regardless of what people say, he is a born criminal anyway.

He is a heinous killer, a criminal clear, known for his notoriety
For him only apathy, no sympathy and no place in the free society.

For society, leaders are almighty and act as bulwark
It’s society’s duty to show fealty and protect him in day and dark.
Those who take up gauntlet to protect the leader are heroes
They don’t care about their own weal and woes.

They are heroes real, always faithful to their deal
They cross limit every minute to defend their idol even if it is suicidal!
That’s not crime but act in chime with their job, to be understood by mob
Anything is fair and just, protection of leader is a must at any cost.

Heroes are of especial breed, leaders find them whenever they need
They remain faithfully under leader’s control and play their role with heart and soul
Leader goes for full fight, to save heroes of all their chores, fair or foul despite.

The leader is committed to his duty, he is last hope for the society
Lightning Rod is his invention, an act of piety to the society and his contribution.

The leader is like a deity, veritable voice of society
Heroes are Leader’s marketing meme and he created a safe den for them,
a unique system, named underground, real sweet sound.
Whatever it may but really great to say.
Once there for any fair or foul causal, all worldly binge bows to his disposal.

All are there, cheap or dear, cash or kind to satisfy body and mind
Nothing sensual is off limit, it’s love, gold or grain, you name it.

Godfather, like a kind king, arrange everything for inmate,
He is kindness incarnate.
Whatever you desire, all are there, just have to pull those near

The world below is spuriously mellow
What you get, your mind will be satiated and sensual needs will be met.
Everything is physical and hollow, no heart no heavenly glow.

Don’t worry, it’s also a way of living to the contrary
Live usual, remain sensual, it’s an art, just don’t take by heart.

Just take whatever comes to head, the soul, the morality are all dead
Might is right there, virtue is a word mere.
All set like dream planet, take now or never, lest it be late
Reap without sowing, no wrong, nothing.

Lightning Rod, wretch sod, stubborn as rock
Standing dumb and drooped in dock.
He protected Godfather and faced whatever.
He stood steady and was ready to pay proper price
Even if that meant ‘do or die’ intent i.e. supreme sacrifice.

Leader’s life is not rife, his name fame all are as tall as sky scraper
Society needs him as mover and shaker, that’s why he is leader.
For all his deeds, leader needs protection squad, i.e. Lightning Rod
Rest of universe stand and watch dumb, no thumb, no nod.

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