Me and My Lord

আপডেট: 2022-06-15 17:59:52

Me and My Lord


My Lord, in you I trust, you are always just, I know
You are Creator of all co-creators, for sure.

As per your design, you animated mine, out of dust
And made your blessed kingdom, my home, at first.
Realm of peace, which never cease and beyond fathom
Whatever belongs to thee, belongs to me, in your kingdom.

Need nothing to deserve, no wit no verve,
Ah, nothing to earn, no wait for turn.

Then, you created need, for body and mind feed
Not for ours but forefather’s deed.
Since then, only dearth reigns my ken,
peace remains flitting ever, mere mirage, gets never.

Alas, I’m nothing at all but a spring-loaded doll.
Time trapped in the tension of the spring coil
No one knows, how long the coil goes
anytime that will fail.

Is this your blessing or bale! That you never tell.
Eyes, created thee, only to see, with such bond.
Animal’s eyes only seek food, following trail it viewed.
You forbade not to see beyond.

Thus, they don’t have any problem
For, neither name, fame nor shame.

Human eyes, sees and comprehend, far and beyond.
Evokes desire, more and more to acquire
Health, wealth and admire.

All these conflict or concord, my Lord!
are all your meme, part your game.
All you began and run as you plan,
With us you play as potter to clay.