Meaning of Life

আপডেট: 2022-06-13 15:48:33

Meaning of Life


Lying relaxed, totally outfoxed,

opening all niches & door, leaving all chores.
No race for silver mace, no reverie no more.
Me- body and mind all
immersed in biding your arrival.


I took you onboard

through day and night and all twilight zone road.
Spending overboard, exhausting all my hoard.


Journeyed pole to pole,

trekking through plain, hill and knoll.  
For you, collected to my best,

not caring about vice and virtue test.
Never heeded, I’m wretched.
“What you wanted and what I fetched”.


In my thorax, you throb and sit, with all your kit,
crooning ceaseless dit, with every beat.

“Leaving earthly hide,

let’s return where you will ever bide.
Here in this cage, whatever you chase;
All are mirage, elusive and maze.
Your abode isn’t here Honey;

it’s on the other side’.


Tangled in tug of war since birth, 

between Heaven and Earth.
To live better, here and after, all I did-vile or virtue
only to run Earth’s chore, to be sure and true.


I failed to pay my fealty to you all, 

wasting my works in total.
Heaven and Earth will take their worth,

leaving only me mortal.

Woe to me, now I see, alone left out to me, here
Heaven and Earth, in respective berth,

content with their own share.

Oh Soul! Lord’s mole, you are part of Paradise
and will go back, sans any smack of vice.

Earth will take its part, and fill up its dirt.

Alas! Who am I and why here,

nobody put that bare.
Now, in glance of Grim Reaper,

trying to sum and shiver-
what He desired and what I delivered.