Human & Nature

আপডেট: ২২ Jun ২০২২, ১৫:১২

Human & Nature


Kind Lord, only give more, all His creation He adore.
He knows no dearth, emptied His till and filled the Earth
With knowledge all, and treasure abysmal.

Mankind enmeshed in maze, minds’ vicious ring,
behave like autocratic king.
To further own goal as a whole,
resort to all deceit and string.

Man destroy nature at random
Use lame excuse, for science and progress in tandem.
Isn’t it crossing limit and crime men commit!
and err against nature every minute!

Lord’s land, swamp and sand, open and mountain
cut and clean, fills canal and level hills, only by men.
They are on building binge in wild guess,
making factories and buildings regardless.
Nothing matter as men justifies better,
everything done for progress.

Trees are reward of good Lord,
provide living, for all and human being.
Stands in pain without any complain,
silently dying, facing human aggression insane.
On its leaves, smoke and dust piled,
can’t breathe and writhe like a helpless child.

Fish in polluted water, huff and puff, against mud it batter,
they can't breathe, silently aggrieve.
Dying slowly in own den, with unbearable pain.
Like slaves are dying bare in gas chamber.

If man kills man, justice will take course as per plan.
Once man destroy nature, is also sheer murder, I wager?
Alas, at the end, justice not dispensed well and proper?

Nature destroyed by men, every now and then, crimes for sure,
not to mention any but there are many, with evidence galore.
Men get quittance in court ever, as they gloss over and fudge.
Nature stand dumb in fact, when fellow man act as judge!

If mob’s anger upped and erupt for want of justice
That can be appeased or ceased by law and police.

But if nature vents its anger, with deafening clangor
its power irresistible, unlike crowd no doubt, surely not gullible.
Angry nature, holding orb of almighty Lord
don’t fear or care and be bowed, unlike weak crowd.

Disturbed nature, once are in full fury
geared up with full destructive spree;
Any life, scanty or rife, bird or beast it cares least.
Destroy all in its wake, without pause or brake,
Only destroy and kill, bringing life to stand still.