In search of 'Meaning of Life' rhyming poetry 'Puddle to Sea', written in free verse..

আপডেট: ২২ ডিসেম্বর ২০২২, ১৭:১১

From Puddle to Sea

O Lord, with you I’m aboard
In You I bide, only reside on different side.
My abode is somehow, on this side now.

I live in thee, and you in me in this monde
All is one, and one is all and nothing beyond.
Between me and thee,
nothing abide and nothing to hide.

You and I are one, not separate,
not only mere mate.
But part of one flame and exactly selfsame.
Creator not living in own creation
and if don’t connect,
the work is never perfect.

On this side, nothing forever bide
and in everywhere there is a divide.
Here, I’m mere a co-creator for sure
and nothing is pure.
Other side is full yours, that ever endure.

I am in form and with you I conform
I’m your mirror image, integral of your linkage.

You have no form, with no one you conform.
You are present for twenty-four seven
everywhere, in universe and heaven.

In my physical cage, I age and senesce.
You are formless and ageless quintessence.

As usual, I’m visual, in rigid physical frame
I’m part of You, Holy!
You are super consciousness wholly.
We aren’t different but same.

To paddle from puddle to sea i.e. me to thee
You make the ford and connecting cord.
You are one in all, both big and small
All are you and yours for sure, my Lord.