In my search for 'Purpose of Life' rhyming poetry 'To My Son'.

আপডেট: ২২ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২২, ১৩:২৮

To My Son


Son, please don’t cry, when I die
I won’t be in the body seal, lying still.

Eyes might get teary but don’t worry
It’s no more soul’s home, no somatic symptom.
Just close your eyes and feel me deep;
Feel your heart and listen to its beep.

Death is end of journey called life
nothing serious but rife.
It’s His routine work, a system ready
simply to take away soul from body.

Death is nothing especial, happens to all.
It’s inevitable and also needful son
that you will understand once grown.

Body will decay, so dispose that straightway.
Don’t worry, the soul won’t tarry
but fly to its den in eternal heaven.
Death is final dole all to extol, nothing eerie.

Body goes into grave,
nothing but to earth’s debt back it gave.
Will change form and with earth it conform
with mud it mesh to restart afresh.

But the Soul, up it goes, is God’s mole.
Death is portal to immortal realm
where Lord is at the helm.

Son, be brave, I won’t be there in the grave
But the light of me will always kiss thee.
I’ll bide, in every wave in ebb and tide,
in sunshine as sparkle, on the brook as it babble.

Listen me, in the beaks of every bird that whistle.
Feel me, as swoosh blow bush, in rain and drizzle.
See me, on the wing of every glow worm.
I affirm, I was in fact light trapped in form.

Now, I’m free, no time no decree,
no more part at all, but Eternal integral.

Son, if you lose direction
take the help of sun at day light
and look up, to sparkling stars above at night.

If sky is overcast, with deep and dark cloud fast
no stars thereof, no sun, no moon above.

Don’t lose heart son, you are a brave one.
Just be good human, don’t worry for none.

Give love and gratitude, at all odds and strife
‘helping others is the purpose of life’.
Be sure, it’s no lure, just focus and hold
same will be back and fill your sack, in manifold.
It’s no bluff, you’ll get much more than enough.

It’s the way of the world honey!
Now it’s your turn to run the baton sonny.