Rhyming Satirical poetry 'Underground'.

আপডেট: 2022-10-20 13:01:36


Leader is like Godfather, venerable deity
veritable voice and last hope for society.

For protection, Lightning Rod is his invention,
an act of piety to the society and his contribution.

Lightning Rods are heroes real,
always faithful to deal.
They cross limit every minute
and defend their idol, even if it is suicidal!

That’s not crime, but act in chime with their job,
to be understood by mob.
Leader’s safety first, for that any act is fair and just.
It’s a must and to be done at any cost.

These heroes are of especial breed,
Godfather talent-spot them to suit their need.
They remain dog loyal under leader’s control
and play their role with heart and soul.
Godfather stand tight, for their safety he fight,
absolve heroes of all chores, fair or foul despite.

Heroes are Leader’s marketing meme
who created a unique system, a safe haven for them.
Named ‘underground’, so sweet it sound.

Whatever it may, but really great to say.
Once there, for any fair or foul causal,
all worldly binge bows at his disposal.

All are there, cheap or dear,
cash or kind to satisfy body and mind.
Nothing sensual is off limit,
be it gold or grain, you name it.

For inmate, Godfather is kindness incarnate.
He is a kind king, arrange everything.
Whatever inmates’ desire, all are there,
just have to pull those near.

Mind will be satiated, what inmates get,
all sensual needs are fully met.
Everything there is physical mere and hollow,
no heart no heavenly glow.

Don’t worry, it’s a way of life to the contrary.
Live usual, always remain sensual,
it’s an art, just don’t take by heart.

The world below is spuriously mellow.

Just take whatever comes to head,
the soul, the morality are all dead.
Might is right there, virtue is a word mere.

For heroes, underground is well found.
There all are set, as if it’s a dream planet,
take now or never, lest it be late.
Ah! reap without sowing, no wrong, nothing.