In my search of 'purpose of life' rhyming poetry 'Standing out at Your Door'.

আপডেট: ১৫ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২২, ১৪:৫৩

Standing out at Your Door


I’m nervous to knock, standing out in shock.
For sure I know, you would respond though.
I’m shy and don’t know why, I don’t knock
lest, you don’t unlock and talk.

You surely understand, out I stand,
in the sun, rain and storm.
Waiting firm for your alarm,
for all my bale you are balm.

Please open your door,
I don't want anything more.
I die to meet thy, beyond the door.

You may not glance at my face, any time
You are sublime and divine
I’m stinky, base and slime.

Let’s then talk heart to heart, it’s also an art.
Let elements out, take its toll no doubt, from mine,
for my frame is full of crime.
Let the creditor, wrench out this poor debtor,
no matter how much it hurt.

If you don’t even grudge, the door won’t budge
till I pay my charge.
I know that tale very well.

I promise to pay penalty due,
pay full not just few.

Ever I cringe crouched in my living tomb,
prithee, let me enter your room.
Inner of me saying thee, with every throb;
no more please let me demob.

In this mud hive, I don't want to live,
Lord please do believe.
My abode isn’t here for sure,
it’s beyond the door.

I’m at the door, Lord I bow and I know,
you are calling me ashore.

I balk in vain, being immured in body den.
As out I go, I know for sure, you’ll open the door.
As your door open, none can stop me then,
entering inside where I shall ever bide.

I know, I can't embrace you though,
with my physical body intact.
Body keeps me in fetter and door will deter,
and block my entry in fact.

Till then, let’s meet in meditation, no cable no cord.
Neither my body den, nor your door close or open
won’t be able to stable or to nix our mix, my Lord.