In my quest for ‘Purpose of Life’, poem ‘Who Am I’ is written in 3 parts. 1st part- Life is a Chase for Elixir Maze’.

আপডেট: ২৯ মে ২০২৩, ১৪:১৭

Who Am I (Part-1)

(Life is a chase for elixir maze)

Millions march willy-nilly
life seems mere a race only!
All are bent to fling forward,
grapple to get what desired.

It’s a race to reach next flight,
by pushing the peers in sight!
For survival, neighbors are rival,
abhor them and fight!

In worldly pursuit
end justifies the means sans doubt.
In race, win anyways, no ethics no moral,
‘expediency’ is fuel in duel, for survival.

In this duet, all sail and sweat
and exploit each other’s weakness.
Crazy to climb, action or mime,
All are bent to do bare business.

All look at others in heat,
eyes only meet.
Not caring a bit, what happens under feet.

No pause, as if end it’ll cause! Perdition!
Does it really end?
or simply it’s a bend? An illusion!

All talk though, no one know,
what is at bend and beyond!
From far that looks blur, nicely donned
and one can easily be conned.

Bend and beyond is a mystery,
yet all muse and move and get final entry.
It’s like maze and mirage, pure conjecture
Going is knowing, goners are only fixer.

But alas! It’s an impasse.
One way track, goners are never back.

Where the goners now live?
where we all will go, we believe!
All live life in fear and guess,
yet life is so sweet a race!

We live here in fear, with future unsure
finally land to a strand, esoteric and obscure.
Alas! What’s better between life and death!
Why to live in liminal locale and breathe!

For keeps, with every beeps
months, years and days;
Throbbing thee, reminding me
‘Life is a chase for ever-flitting elixir maze’.

But I’m wretched and base
remained careless and kept my chase.
Lived in fools abyss to face the nemesis.