In search of 'Meaning of Life' rhyming poetry 'Heaven and Earth'.

আপডেট: ২৭ অক্টোবর ২০২২, ১৫:৩৪

Heaven and Earth


Anything here, to be measured bare.
Time is Lord’s call, exhaust all,
whatever physical.

No divide, on the other side,
all are infinite, no competition, no fight.
In kingdom of cosmic shape, no tape
to measure that height.

It’s not fun, in heaven,
word ‘time’, known to none.
No mention, neither in diary,
nor in dictionary.

No debate, no hate, no bank no rank,
only gratitude and thank.

Negativity is totally absurd there.
To gather such knowledge,
even attempt is a sacrilege,
unjust and unfair.

All bide on the other side, are all light,
one and of same sight.
All love, all energy, nothing sensory.

No organ to sense and know, only shadow.
Between shadows no lawsuit,
no moot, shoot and no pursuit.

Life on earth, since birth and then,
mere waiting in vain.
All remain upset, if fair share one will get.

All uncertain here and always a fear.
Alas, nothing is known, all moan,
lest stocks deplete anytime soon!

It’s world’s way, here only outlay.
All are brief, finally ends in grief,
and uncertain delay.

In Heaven, nothing has a price,
things just come, no expense, only income.
No worry, no hurry,
these words, not found in dictionary.

Earth is always in dearth,
for every case, you have to chase.
Everything are transient and flitting
Nothing but mere a mirage race.