In search of 'Meaning of Life' English poetry 'Me and My Lord' written in free verse. '.

আপডেট: ১২ নভেম্বর ২০২২, ১৪:৪২

Me and My Lord

You are Ruler hard, oh my Lord
Rules are thy, I only abide by.
You are real voice in veil, I merely amplify.

I am thespian just, you are scriptwriter must,
and always You call the shot.
I am bee, make honey for thee,
worthy not, I’m but a crackpot.

I’m lyrics, mere made as mundane design
You are music pure, for sure, nature’s chime.
Lyrics get lost, music never exhaust.

I am mundane mortal, you are Lord spiritual.
I am searing sand in desert
You are montage of mirage in desert vast
Always flitting fast, ever elusive and don’t last.

Here I came, only to play your game, as you desire
You are source, of course and I’m reflection mere.

Every day I found, Sun goes down,
and I say, it’s end of the day,
though I know I err, day end never.

Sun seem set, but that’s not true I bet.
It’s mere daze, an illusion and maze.
But alas, it end my day,
I get aged and pay, but ever young you stay.

I am bird and you are wing, which you swing,
you flap and I fly at ease.
I don’t know for sure though,
when the flap you cease!

You are oar and I am mere boat not more,
in the endless sea.
I’m crap, don’t know when the oar snap,
as you decree!

I’m a frame I know and you are shadow.
You are pure for sure and with me you tour.

Every now and then,
I doubt you are gone to your haven.

You don’t speak, only play hide and seek,
you know Lord, I’m meek.
If I don’t see thee, I feel you’ve eschewed me,
and left me bereft.

Woe to my earthly eye,
always I doubt, you bade me good bye.
I fear and shiver, lest O Lord,
you left me forever.

You know my limit, O Lord I’m sure of it,
and relief I sigh.